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Hi-Tech Labs

Hi-Tech Modern Labs – Active Learning through Exploring, Experimenting and Accomplishing

To complement classroom teaching, the school has NextLab, comprising four well-equipped labs, namely MathsLab, ScienceLab, RoboticsLab and EnglishLab. These labs are developed specifically for the inquisitive 21st-century learners.


Real-life scenarios from textbooks come alive with MathsLab, enabling students to apply the concepts learned in class in real-life situations. Students enjoy maths as they discover this connection. In addition, MathsLab has a comprehensive activity library containing hands-on kits, group activities, and projects to further boost students' understanding of concepts.

Tools, Components and Features

Virtual Activities

  • 1,000+ story-based activities
  • 200+ real-life scenarios
  • Hands-on Learning

  • 200+ hands-on activities and paper-cutting activities
  • 40+ hands-on kits
  • Group activities to foster collaborative skills
  • ScienceLab

    ScienceLab bridges the gap between theory and application to ensure that students grasp every concept thoroughly. It comes with a wide range of hands-on activities, virtual simulations and experiments, along with instructional videos, manuals and lab plans.

    Tools, Components and Features

    Virtual Activities

  • 150+ virtual activities
  • 50+ simulations
  • 4000+ interactive exercises
  • RoboticsLab

    RoboticsLab gives students the freedom to experiment and be imaginative. Furthermore, it integrates STEM education with the curriculum and also sharpens the students’ 21st-century skills. For instance, the iPitara robotics kit allows students to build an infinite number of robots and the visual programming software THiNK reduces the entry barrier to programming.

    Tools, Components and Features

  • Reprogrammable microcontroller unit to interface with six sensors and three motors
  • 50+ simulations
  • Teacher kit for higher-degree scientific explorations
  • EnglishLab

    EnglishLab helps students develop English language skills and communicate more effectively. It follows a blended teaching and learning approach, with each lesson comprising instructor-led classroom sessions and computer-based lab sessions. Different kinds of interactive games and puzzles ensure an engaging learning experience for the students. Additionally, various innovative tools such as NextDictionary, writing and phonetic tutors and pronunciation tools improve the students’ writing and speaking skills.

    Computer Lab

    Technology has made inroads into every aspect of our life and therefore, technological knowledge is essential for success in the future. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a well-equipped computer lab where students can experience technology first-hand. In addition, every student is given the freedom to use and upgrade computers and other digital equipment independently. Our experienced and dedicated teachers facilitate students' learning and keep them informed about different technological advancements around the globe.