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About School



K.D International School helps provide personal, social, intellectual and physical development to students. We provide a fulfilling and supportive learning environment that helps young minds to discover their true potential. We also bring together the best pedagogy with a complete blend of physical and digital learning experiences (we call it PHYGITAL) to give 21st-century education to students, thereby fostering their holistic development. We believe that quality education is an integral part of any child’s overall development. This can only be achieved by providing inspiration, motivation and right guidance to students towards strategic and empathetic outcomes.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that every child is unique and they must be encouraged towards exploring their interests and honing their skills. We even understand that children have different aptitudes, strengths and learning styles; so, we focus on personalised teaching-learning. We always motivate, inspire and prepare the students for our dynamic world. We create innovative ways to instil core values like kindness, loyalty, truth, honesty and dedication, 21st-century skills and a deep understanding of society.


Our Unique Pillars

Academic Excellence: We ensure that our students learn in the best way by incorporating new-age teaching methods that offer a blend of physical and digital experiences.

Holistic Development: We also encourage them to actively participate in various extra-curricular activities for an all-round development.

Continuous Learning: At Brainwaves International School, we focus on experiential learning to help students inculcate a love for learning so they become life-long learners.

Motivation: Our pedagogy empowers all the students to explore things, discovering their best and let them work towards achieving their goals. We help students broaden their horizon and think differently to achieve their dreams.

Proper Guidance: We listen, empathise and create a friendly bond with all our students. We aspire to create a friendly environment where students can always look up to their teachers and mentors for guidance and support.